Feb 222011

Free today in the Kindle store is “Protector“, by Laurel Dewey. 

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Laurel Dewey’s debut novel about a troubled homicide detective is a gritty crime drama to the core. Jane Perry is a chain smoking veteran of the police force and daughter of a retired homicide detective. She’s a woman who fell into her career choice because she was primed for it since birth and because she has more balls than the majority of the men she works beside. She’s blunt, she’s gutsy, and she holds no punches.

Jane is also an alcoholic. That may seem like an appropriate characteristic for such a coarse and rebellious woman, but it’s here that we begin to see Dewey’s Protector take on a different persona. As the root problems of Jane’s addiction begin to present themselves, her tough exterior begins to dissolve to reveal the broken woman underneath.

On top of repressing her own demons, Jane begins to have disturbing visions that she knows must have some significance to the cases she is investigating, but she begins to question her own sanity. It is here that Dewey introduces a touch of the paranormal, exploring a psychic link between Jane and the eight-year-old orphan, Emily, she is charged to protect. Emily is experiencing her own visions of the horrific murder of her parents, but they stop short of revealing the identity of the killer. Will Jane be able to draw the truth out of Emily before the murderer returns to eliminate the witness?

Protector is a roller coaster ride of emotion, flowing from the extremes of hard-edged police work to abuse to motherhood and loss. It’s as graphic as a novel without pictures can possibly be, describing the details of the grisly crime scenes in a way that makes the reader want to sheild their eyes from the page, but only briefly. There’s a mystery to be solved! Dewey lays out clues to the identity of the killer throughout the novel, but it’s likely the reader will become so wrapped up in the emotional side of the story they’ll completely overlook them, as I did. It’s only as Jane pieces the clues together that the reader has that “aha!” moment that the answers were in plain sight all along.


Available for free in the following regions: Middle East*, India*, Europe*, Canada, Australia, Africa*, Asia & Pacific*, United States

* Surcharges may apply to marked regions. Books are free prior to surcharges being applied.

Six Freebies for Kindle

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Feb 012010

Finally a good list of more free books. They have been few and far between lately. Several I have come across and they have changed in price before I even get a chance to post them. Hopefully some of you can get these before they are gone. Happy reading!!

Never Say Never

by Lisa Wingate

Kai Miller floats through life like driftwood tossed by waves. She’s never put down roots in any one place–and she doesn’t plan to. But when a chaotic hurricane evacuation lands her in Daily, Texas, she begins to think twice about her wayfaring existence. And when she meets hometown-boy Kemp Eldridge, she can almost picture settling down in Daily–until she discovers he may be promised to someone else. Daily has always been a place of refuge for those the wind blows in, but for Kai, it looks like it will be just another place to leave behind. Then again, Daily always has a few surprises in store–especially when Aunt Donetta has cooked up a scheme.

From the Back Cover:
Sometimes Life’s Storms Blow in Unexpected Possibilities Never Say Never Kai Miller floats through life like driftwood tossed by waves. She’s never put down roots –and she doesn’t plan to. But when a chaotic hurricane evacuation lands her in Daily, Texas, she begins to think twice about her wayfaring existence. And when she meets hometown-boy Kemp Eldridge, she can almost picture settling down in Daily–until she discovers he may be promised to someone else. Daily has always been a welcoming place of refuge for those the wind blows in, but for Kai, it looks like it will be just another place to leave behind. Then again, Daily always has a few surprises in store–especially when Aunt Donetta Bradford has cooked up a scheme.
Talk of the Town
by Lisa Wingate 

The show American Megastar is the hottest thing on television but its associate producer, Mandalay Florentino, is worried. She’s just arrived in the tiny town of Daily, Texas, to arrange a surprise “reunion concert” for hometown finalist Amber Amberson. Only it turns out everyone in town seems to know the secret. And paparazzi are arriving. Word from Hollywood is that Amber has disappeared with a “bad boy” actor. Can anything go right in this tumbleweed town? Imagene Doll loves her town of Daily, Texas, but things are lonely without her beloved husband. Life seems dull. At least until that fancy-dressed woman pulls into town, looking terrified and glamorous all at once. Soon life’s not the least bit boring as Imagene and the rest of Daily find themselves at the center of a media maelstrom–with a young girl’s future on the line.

John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace
by Jonathan Aitken 

Most Christians know John Newton as a man who once captained a slave ship, was dramatically converted to Christ on the high seas, and penned the great hymn “Amazing Grace.” But he also had a huge impact on his times as an icon of the evangelical movement, as a great preacher and theologian, and as a seminal influence on abolitionist William Wilberforce—a relationship portrayed in the major motion picture Amazing Grace. Jonathan Aitken’s new biography explores all these facets of Newton’s life and character. It is the first biography to draw on Newton’s unpublished diaries and correspondence, providing fresh insight into the life of this complex and memorable Christian.

Velvet Elvis
by Rob Bell

We know there’s something more. We sense it, we feel it, and we want it. But how do we find it—a spirituality that stands up to the questions of an honest, searching mind?

“This book is for those who need a fresh take on Jesus and what it means for us to live the kind of life he teaches us to live,” writes Rob Bell. “This pursuit of Jesus is leading us backward as much as forward … I am learning that what seems brand new is often just the discovery of something that has been there all along—it just got lost somewhere and it needs to be picked up, dusted off, and reclaimed.” Velvet Elvis offers original and refreshingly personal perspectives on what Christianity is really about.

Peculiar Treasures

by Robin Jones Gunn

Christy Miller fans and new readers will delight in following the story of her friend Katie Weldon! In Peculiar Treasures, Katie catches more than the bouquet at Christy’s wedding; she snags a job as a university resident assistant. But how can God use her when everything is falling apart—especially with her boyfriend, Rick?

Icy Heat: A Heat Series Story 
by Leigh Wyndfield

A masked man with a burning secret is her only hope.

A Heat series story.
Aidan has only days to acquire a magic Globe to exchange for her brother-s freedom. With the clock counting down, she turns to Warwick the Enforcer for help. As her lies pile up and the passion between them builds, Aidan tries to keep her mind on her mission and ignore the man who lights her fire.
Warwick has spent his life preparing for revenge against the man who killed his parents and sentenced him to an existence behind a mask. But when Aidan calls in a debt he owes her, he cannot say no. The attraction he thought was one-sided explodes between them and he is shocked to find himself burning to possess her. One thing after another goes wrong-and Warwick discovers Aidan is working for his hated enemy.
As things spiral into danger they could never have imagined, passion burns into a love that could destroy them both.
This book has been previously published and has been revised and expanded from its original release.

Warning: This book contains out-of-this-world sexual content!

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Jan 062010

Leslie Sansone’s Eat Smart, Walk Strong: The Secrets to Effortless Weight Loss

by Leslie Sansone

A bestselling fitness guru turns her expertise and experience to teaching her fans how to develop the healthy eating habits that have worked for her. Her proven six-week plan allows readers to experiment with different methods and adopt the healthy habits that are most effective for them. 

12-Day Body Shaping Miracle: Change Your Shape, Transform Problem Areas, and Beat Fat for Good ,
by Michael Thurmond

Wonder why all those hours spent on the treadmill or lifting weights aren’t getting you the results you want? According to Thurmond, if you’re not working out in a way that’s just right for your individual body type, you’re wasting time and energy. In 12-DAY BODY SHAPING MIRACLE, Michael Thurmond presents his breakthrough exercise program for getting your body into a better proportional balance. Using Thurmond’s exclusive “blueprinting system”, you’ll identify your unique metabolism and body type. You’ll then discover a personalized exercise plan to quickly target your specific problem areas and transform your body shape in just 12 days. For example, if you are bottom heavy, you learn how to trim your thighs and hips while building up your shoulders and back, giving your body that trimmer, more hourglass-like shape. Thurmond’s unique program focuses on sculpting muscles through select, easy-to-do weight training techniques with cardiovascular activity. And, no matter what your starting weight, level of fitness or shape is, Thurmond guarantees rapid results.

The Good Mood Diet: Feel Great While You Lose Weight,

by Susan M Kleiner and Bob Condor

Dr. Kleiner, a leading nutrition authority on eating for strength, has put together a diet that has already been tested in Seattle with a Seattle Good Mood Diet weight loss group program. Bob Condor highlighted the progress of the group in the Seattle Post Intelligencer from Nov. 1, 2004 through April 2005. The author has since received thousands of requests for more information.

The idea behind this book is that you can choose healthy foods that both make you feel great and, when eaten according to the plan, help you lose weight. Most diets cause chemical changes in the brain that make the dieter feel depressed. The typical plan is often too low in calories. In this diet, the participants eat feel-good foods with both ideal timing and ideal combinations. People’s energy levels soar and participants feel better in days.

The key is to combine the right foods-i.e. balance of protein and fats to go with carbs. The plan outlines a diet of about 40 percent carbs, 30 percent proteins, and 30 percent fats and fiber. Participants eat from a list of “feel good foods,” and eliminate excessive added sugar in processed foods. Sweets are not taboo, but the authors believes in “eat it only if you love it” when it comes to sweets. For instance, if you love pumpkin pie, have a slice, but maybe skip the crust unless it’s fabulous. A bit of chocolate and a glass of red wine a day is okay once you’re two weeks into the diet.

Chasing Life: New Discoveries in the Search for Immortality to Help You Age Less Today,
by Sanjay Gupta

For centuries, adventurers and scientists have believed that not only could we delay death but that “practical immortality” was within our reach. Today, many well-respected researchers would be inclined to agree. In a book that is not about anti-aging, but about functional aging–extending your healthy, active life–Dr. Sanjay Gupta blends together compelling stories of the most up-to-date scientific breakthroughs from around the world, with cutting-edge research and advice on achieving practical immortality in this lifetime. Gupta’s advice is often counterintuitive: longevity is not about eating well, but about eating less; nutritional supplements are a waste of your money; eating chocolate and drinking coffee can make you healthier. CHASING LIFE tells the stories behind the breakthroughs while also revealing the practical steps readers can take to help extend youth and life far longer than ever thought possible.

UltraLongevity: The Seven-Step Program for a Younger, Healthier You

 by Mark Liponis

Medical director of the world-famous Canyon Ranch Health Resorts, Dr. Mark Liponis presents his extraordinary new idea: that aging and aging-related diseases—including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes—are autoimmune problems, and that a well-managed immune system is the key to healthy aging.

Cutting-edge research makes UltraLongevity the first and only book to explore aging within the context of the immune system, and it will change the way we look at health forever. Starting with a quiz—“How Fast Are You Aging?”—Liponis explains the new science, lays out an accessible and proven 7-step program with an 8-day meal plan, and motivates readers to put the program into practice so that they can keep their minds sharp, become more physically fit, be more resistant to infections and disease, and feel and stay younger than they ever imagined. Through the UltraLongevity program, Liponis promises more than a long life; he promises a long, healthy life. 

Going Gray: What I Learned about Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood, Authenticity, and Everything Else That Really Matters,

by Anne Kreamer

Anne Kreamer considered herself a youthful 49 until a photo of herself with her teenage daughter stopped her in her tracks. In one unguarded moment she saw herself for what she really was — a middle-aged woman with her hair dyed much too harshly. In that one moment Kreamer realized that she wasn’t fooling anyone about her age and decided it was time to get real and embrace a more authentic life. She set out for herself a program to let her hair become its true color, and along the way discovered her true self.

Going Gray is Kreamer’s exploration of that experience, and a frank, warm and funny investigation of aging as a female obsession. Through interviews, field experiments, and her own everywoman’s chronicle, Kreamer probes the issues behind two of the biggest fears aging women face: Can I be sexually attractive as a gray-haired, middle-aged woman? and Will I be discriminated against in the work world? Her answers will surprise you.

In searching for the balance between attractiveness and authenticity, Kreamer’s journey of middle-aging illiminates in a friendly, useful, and entertaining way the politics and personal costs of this generation’s definition of “aging gracefully.

New Day, New You: 366 Devotions for Enjoying Everyday Life
by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer stresses the importance of spending even just a few minutes every morning with God. Beginning each day this way is an opportunity to get off on the right foot and to set the tone for the day.

Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill

by Matthieu Ricard

A molecular biologist turned Buddhist monk, described by scientists as “the happiest man alive,” demonstrates how to develop the inner conditions for true happiness.

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The Marquis, Another Free Kindle Book

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Jan 012010

Gypsy Legacy: The Marquis,

by Denise Patrick,

One promise, two pendants…love that was destined to be.

Lady Christina Kenton’s life is turned upside down when her gypsy great-grandmother gives her a pendant, along with a deathbed request — Tina must promise to marry only the man wearing its mate. But Tina cannot bring herself to make the promise, for her late stepfather has already pledged her hand to his long-absent heir.

Jay Collings, now the Marquis of Thanet, returns to England after an eighteen-year absence to honor a promise to a gypsy who once aided him, only to discover he must break his vow in order to secure his inheritance. The last thing he wants is a wife chosen by the father he despised.

Tina’s gentle strength touches Jay in ways no other woman has. And, unknown to them both, she holds the key to Jay’s promise and his inheritance. But just as their fragile relationship begins to take root, the legacy of her gypsy blood brings danger to their doorstep.

Jay and Tina’s destinies may be entwined — but will they live long enough to fulfill them?

Warnings: The title contains mild violence at the hands of pistol-wielding gentlewomen, unmentionables found in public places, a bitter and vindictive old woman, some laugh-out-loud moments, and other situations that may shock women of Victorian sensibilities!

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Christian Freebies for Kindle

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Jan 012010

In My Place Condemned He Stood: Celebrating the Glory of Atonement,
by J.I. Packer and Mark Dever

An important anthology that reaffirms the classic doctrine of substitutionary atonement and counters the ongoing attacks against it. If ever there was a time and a need for an enthusiastic reaffirmation of the biblical doctrine of substitutionary atonement, it is now. With this foundational tenet under widespread attack, J. I. Packer and Mark Dever’s anthology plays an important role, issuing a clarion call to readers to stand firm in the truth.

In My Place Condemned He Stood combines three classic articles by Packer (“The Heart of the Gospel”; his Tyndale Biblical Theology Lecture, “What Did the Cross Achieve”; and his introductory essay to John Owen’s The Death of Death in the Death of Christ)with Dever’s recent article, “Nothing but the Blood.” It also features a foreword by the four principals of Together for the Gospel: Dever, Ligon Duncan, C. J. Mahaney, and Al Mohler. Thoughtful readers looking for a compact classic on this increasingly controversial doctrine need look no farther than this penetrating volume.

About the Authors:
J. I. Packer is a professor of theology at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. Dr. Packer has written many books, including Knowing God, and also served as general editor for the English Standard Version Bible.

Mark Dever, author of several books and articles, serves as the senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC. Along with his pastoral responsibilities, Dr. Dever is also the executive director of 9Marks.

The Shunning(The Heritage of Lancaster County #1),

by Beverly Lewis

All Her Life She Has Longed For The Forbidden Things, But Will Her Dreams Come At A Price Too Dear To Pay?

In the quiet Amish community of Hickory Hollow, Pennsylvania, time has stood still while cherished traditions and heartfelt beliefs have flourished. But a secret lies buried that could shatter the tranquility its inhabitants have grown to love.

When Katie Lapp stumbles upon a satin infant gown in the dusty leather trunk of her parents’ attic, she knows it holds a story she must discover. Why else would her Amish mother, a plain and simple woman who embraces the Old Order laws, hide the beautiful baby dress in the attic?

On the eve of Katie’s wedding to widower Bishop John, startling news staggers out of her anguished parents, and nothing prepares Katie for the devastation their confession brings. Feeling betrayed, Katie watches as the only life she has ever known begins to unravel, leaving in its wake a furrow of pain…and a future of hope.

Summer of the Midnight Sun(Alaskan Quest #1),
by Tracie Peterson,

Leah Barringer’s world is turned upside down when her brother brings home Jayce Kincaid, the man who spurned her ten years ago. Part of an expedition to the Arctic, Jayce shocks Leah by inviting her brother along. Helaina Beecham arrives in Alaska to hunt down the man the Pinkertons have sent her to apprehend. But when Jayce Kincaid appears to have been in two places at the same time, Helaina wonders if there might be a larger problem with the case. Despite confusing, conflicting evidence, can Helaina discover the truth? Can Leah’s injured heart ever love again?

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Two Free Mysteries for Kindle

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Dec 312009

Dark Pursuit
by Brandilyn Collins

A new stand-alone — Seatbelt Suspense — from bestselling author Brandilyn Collins.

Kaitlan Sering’s estranged grandfather, novelist Darell Brooke, was the legendary King of Suspense-until an auto accident left him unable to concentrate. Now she’s begging him to protect her from a real serial killer. Can his muddled mind devise a plan to catch the murderer?  

by Brandilyn Collins

When your worst fear comes true.Someone is watching Kaycee Raye. But who will believe her? Everyone knows she’s a little crazy. Kaycee’s popular syndicated newspaper column pokes fun at her own paranoia and multiple fears. The police in her small town are well aware she makes money writing of her experiences. Worse yet, she has no proof of the threats. Pictures of a dead man mysteriously appear in her home-then vanish before police arrive. Multi-sensory images flood Kaycee’s mind. Where is all this coming from? Maybe she is going over the edge. High action and psychological suspense collide in this story of terror, twists, and desperate faith. The startling questions surrounding Kaycee pile high. Her descent to answers may prove more than she can survive.

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New Freebies for Kindle

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Dec 312009

The Queen’s Dollmaker,
by Christine Trent

On the brink of revolution, with a tide of hate turned against the decadent royal court, France is in turmoil–as is the life of one young woman forced to leave her beloved Paris. After a fire destroys her home and family, Claudette Laurent is struggling to survive in London. But one precious gift remains: her talent for creating exquisite dolls that Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France herself, cherishes. When the Queen requests a meeting, Claudette seizes the opportunity to promote her business, and to return home. . .

Amid the violence and unrest, Claudette befriends the Queen, who bears no resemblance to the figurehead rapidly becoming the scapegoat of the Revolution. But when Claudette herself is lured into a web of deadly political intrigue, it becomes clear that friendship with France’s most despised woman has grim consequences. Now, overshadowed by the specter of Madame Guillotine, the Queen’s dollmaker will face the ultimate test.

Infused with the passion and excitement of a country–and an unforgettable heroine–on the threshold of radical change, this captivating novel propels readers into a beguiling world of opulence, adventure, and danger, from the rough streets of eighteenth-century London to France’s lavish Palace of Versailles.

The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival,
by Ken Wheaton

Welcome to Grand Prairie, Louisiana–land of confounding accents, hard-drinking senior citizens, and charming sinners–brought to hilarious life in a bracing, heartfelt debut novel simmering with Cajun spice…

Father Steve Sibille has come home to the bayou to take charge of St. Pete’s church. Among his challenges are teenybopper altar girls, insomnia-curing confessions, and alarmingly alluring congregant Vicky Carrier. Then there’s Miss Rita, an irrepressible centenarian with a taste for whiskey, cracklins, and sticking her nose in other people’s business.

When an outsider threatens to poach Father Steve’s flock, Miss Rita suggests he fight back by staging an event that will keep St. Pete’s parishioners loyal forever. As The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival draws near, help comes from the strangest places. And while the road to the festival may be paved with good intentions–not to mention bake sales, an elephant, and the most bizarre cook-out ever–where it will lead is anyone’s guess…

The Sculptor
by Gregory Funaro

Killing Is An Art
In life, they were flawed. In death, they are perfect works of art–killed, preserved, and carefully molded into replicas of Michelangelo’s most celebrated creations. Only The Sculptor can bring forth their true beauty and teach the world to appreciate his gift.

He Is The Master
FBI Special Agent Sam Markham has a reputation for tracking serial killers, but this artful adversary is meticulous, disciplined, and more ruthless than any he’s encountered. The only clue is a note dedicating the latest “statue” to Cathy Hildebrant, an art historian who shares Sam’s fear that the killing has just begun.

And She Is The Perfect Subject
In a quiet Rhode Island town, The Sculptor shapes his latest macabre creation, waiting for Cathy to draw nearer so that his message can be understood at last. And the only way to save her is for Sam to unlock a psychopath’s twisted mind before his final, terrifying masterpiece is revealed. . .

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Free Book-Limited Time

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Dec 302009

This is an offer I came across on the Amazon Kindle discussion boards and is only valid until January 1st-so you need to act on it quick. I requested the code last night and received a reply this morning and now have my free book to read.

Kristen Tsetsi is an author that participates in the Operation eBook Drop which provides free eBooks for deployed troops. She is currently offering her book Homefront for free to anyone that sends her an email and requests it. She has it available in PDF form or if you wish to get it for your Kindle or other reading device, she will send you a code for Smashwords. You can send the email to kjt AT kristentsetsi DOT com and request the PDF or code.

by Kristen Tsetsi

Out if 24 reviews on Amazon-21 are 5 stars, 2 are 4 stars and 1 is 2 stars.  Following is a 5 star review from a reader at Amazon:
I started to read “Homefront” late at night, before I slept, and the next morning when I woke I didn’t leave my bed until it was finished. My own life was on hold as I followed the life of a young woman whose boyfriend deploys to Iraq. Even though I am nothing like the main character, Mia, I FELT what she was going through. I am a military spouse and spent many hours of my own watching CNN live coverage and chewing the nubs that I called my fingers whenever a convoy was attacked. So often, when we see the people whose lives are entwined with those of the deployed Armed Forces, we think they are amazingly strong to endure such separation. They are, they are strong, but they’re also weak at times. Sometimes, beneath their public face they pout and curse and weep. In a shameful moment, they may imagine life without the beloved face they kissed so many months ago. Mia’s unseen life is fascinating and the people she sort of…finds herself with are about as mismatched as they can be-another frequent reality of military families. Her story is all about the little moments; the events taking place are merely a vehicle to take you to her innermost thoughts. Kristen Tsetsi is an amazing writer, the words in her story placed like the sometimes bold, other times faint and whispering strokes on a painted canvas. Her timing plays havoc with your senses. She doesn’t give you what’s expected at all. Loved this book!
 Looks like a great read!! Thanks so much Kristen for sharing!!

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Dave Conifer Freebies at Smashwords

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Dec 272009

Smashwords is another great site to get more free books by independent publishers. They offer more than just the Kindle format-you can even read the books online if you wish. Right now, all of Dave Conifer’s books are listed as free. Get them now while you can. Keep in mind that you should keep a copy of any downloads from Smashwords-if for some reason you delete the book you will have backup. Any questions please ask!!

Snodgrass Vacation
By Dave Conifer

Published: Nov. 15, 2009

Words: 73788 (approximate)

A fun spoof on Disney World and the people who love it. Dave and Vinnie just know Morrison is faking his injury and they have a week at Snodgrass World to save the restaurant by proving it. They’ll have to dodge fleets of wheelchairs and scooters long enough to expose him while enjoying attractions like ‘Brutal yet Fun and Lovable Buccaneers’ and ‘Showcase of Random Allied Countries.’

Man of Steel
By Dave Conifer
Published: Nov. 14, 2009
Words: 89199 (approximate)

When Joe Jonas is sent to cover a press conference he figures it’s just another crackpot JFK assassination conspiracy until he stumbles across something that makes him realize this one is for real. Abby Reno, a saucy reporter from Austin, insists on working the story with him. As Jonas and Reno circle closer they learn that the secret’s protectors are still around and they don’t take prisoners.

By Dave Conifer
Published: Nov. 14, 2009
Words: 79865 (approximate)

It wasn’t long before the kid from North Carolina had made friends at his new high school in Jersey. Ben is the kind of guy that everybody likes. He’s the star of the wrestling team and he’s spending a lot of time with Judy Voorst. So what’s the problem? Ben Petrovic has a secret. He’s not who everybody thinks he is.

By Dave Conifer
Published: Nov. 14, 2009
Words: 86572 (approximate)

Zach Bowie has been wrestling for years. It was something to do when he wasn’t singing lead in his rock band. That all changes when the 171-pounder is injured and Zach is thrust into the starting lineup. He’s surprised that the exhilaration of walking onto the mat feels as good as the rush he gets on stage. Maybe even better. How far could he go if he wasn’t smoking three packs of Marlboros a day?

By Dave Conifer
Published: Nov. 14, 2009
Words: 55457 (approximate)

Principal Lukather is desperate. An internet bully is terrorizing his students at Lakeland Middle School. He makes a deal with street smart Scott Halifax: go undercover as a student and nail the bully in return for a ticket out of the County Detention Center. It takes some sly computer sleuthing and a little dumb luck before they expose the bully, and it’s the last person they ever suspected.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
By Dave Conifer
Published: Dec. 16, 2009
Words: 4455 (approximate)

A holiday short story about a guy, some tools and somebody who cared.

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Got a New Kindle?? Free Books Help

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Dec 272009

Did you get an Amazon Kindle or other ereader for the holidays? Here are some tips on finding free books. Since this blog is fairly new, I do not have a lot of the older freebies listed. For starters, there are a lot of public domain ebooks available. When you perform a search for “free books” or “free kindle books” on Amazon, it pulls up lots and lots of books. A lot of the public domain books are the older classics. If you like those that is all fine and dandy-but for those if you that prefer newer, non-public domain books this can be a lot of books to sort through.

Here are some tips to bypass the public domain books: When searching for the free books and you do not wish to see the public domain books, you need to place “-domain” in the search field. Another thing I always do is sort the search results by “Price: Low to High”. This way it will keep you from getting all of the books that you can buy that tell you how to find free books-LOL!!

Another way to find free books is to go to the Kindle Store and go to the books section. In the list on the left side click on the “Kindle Bestsellers” link and see the top 100 Kindle best-sellers. A lot of the free books are listed here as they usually shoot up the chart as soon as someone finds the new freebies and word gets out.

There are also some other sites to get free books as well. I will be posting about those this week. Until then, enjoy your Kindle and playing with downloading and finding all of the free books. One more important thing to remember is to download all of the free books when you find them because prices are subject to change at a moments notice. I usually just download all of the books to my computer since I do not get Whispernet at my house-but it makes it easier for me to sort them out and keep them in my database in case something ever were to happen and I lost my books somehow. Happy reading!!

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